Based on the accumulated ship management technology for 50 years, we provide reliable ship management service.

The core values of VMS are safety operation and cost reduction. We provide the best services for the shipowners at the optimum cost through the vessel management know-how for recent to past.
Safety operation management of the vessels does not be achieved in the morning of the day.

VMS has the accumulated experience for all the areas of vessel management from A to Z.

Optimized seafarers pool provides excellent seafarers to meet the needs of the shipowners.

Ship management system accumulated with long experience facilitates the efficient ship management

In accordance with various ship kinds and the characteristics of the freight, we support the systematic freight transportation and provide the high-tech vessel management services.

  • Specialized repair/maintenance and safety management.
    Based on the accumulated know-how, we are responsible for the safety operation by grasping the current state of the ships accurately  and taking preemptive actions against potential problems. ​
  • Operation Support Services
    Marine experts who can support the safety of the vessels and efficient navigation work give the cooperation and advice over the ship navigation/ business in general.
  • Purcchase / Procurement Business
    Through the transparent and efficient purchase, procurement work, we contributed to not only cost reduction but also to the improvement of ship navigation efficiency.
  • The Newest IT System
Keep doing your Karm (work) don’t start expecting the results.